Mrs Haberdashery's Amazing Chicken Casserole Recipe

Created on Wednesday, 22 July 2015 15:42


As requested by the masses, Mrs Haberdashery's has kindly parted with her recipe for you all to enjoy. Yummo......


One whole bbq chook

4 tablespoons cream 

1 can Campbells cream of Chook soup

4 tablespoons my homemade mayonnaise!

Large head of broccoli steamed just, then dunked in ice water so it is 1/4 cooked.

Mix mayonnaise, soup, cream SnP in bowl then layer the lot in dish.

Crumble sour dough roll and sprinkle on top, grate cheese over the homemade breadcrumbs.

Just heat enough to melt cheese and warm through. REMEMBER IT IS ALREADY COOKED SO ONLY HEAT.