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Sophia Charlotte
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Sophia Charlotte Sophia Charlotte

The Sophia Charlotte Quilt is my interpretation of a quilt design based on a picture I saw in an auctioneers house and I knew the moment I saw it that I needed to make this beautiful quilt.  

As this quilt is such a lovely, delicate looking quilt, I named my version of the quilt after King George III’s, wife Sophia Charlotte.                    

King George William Frederick III was born 4th June 1738.   He was the longest living King of Great Britain and King of Ireland. He passed away aged 81 on 29th January 1820 and is buried in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

King George married Sophia Charlotte, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in St James Palace, London on 8th September 1761 as King George’s Queen consort, (she was known as Queen Charlotte) and together they had a family of 16 (10 boys and 6 girls).

The coverlet features Broderie Perse, applique, hexagons, and rosettes with an appliquéd saw-tooth border.

Applique using Stitch and Wash paper for this design is my preferred appliqué technique, but you may of course use fusible webbing, freezer paper or the technique of your choice.

The design consists of 228 – 5/8” hexagons with 8 rosettes, 14 diamonds for centre medallion, 32 larger diamonds for stars, 32 individual diamonds and leaf shapes, 80 individual teardrop shapes for 16 flowers with bias for stems of the flowers, 4 outer corner squares and 112 triangles for saw-tooth border.

Your background fabric for the design needs to be a whole cloth piece or sewn together to fit the diagram.


Lay your pressed fabric over the pattern sheet and trace all the design onto the fabric, including the outer line and triangles for saw-tooth border.


You will notice on the pattern sheet there are flowers drawn for the appliqué flowers shapes if you decided not to do the Broderie Perse flowers.   I have chosen to use Broderie Perse as my embellishments, and this is where I will place them instead.


The patterns for these Broderie Perse flowers are not included as they are related to your individual printed floral fabric choices.


Broderie Perse is an appliqué technique where the edge of the printed floral design is turned and stitched or the edge is finished with a very fine buttonhole stitch.   I have chosen the latter method using stranded threads to suit the colours of the floral fabric, using one stranded thread.


The other shapes being two sizes of the diamonds, a triangle, a hexagon and a square are on the following page with the layout of the background fabric.


This Kit contains all fabric for the quilt top, and pattern. Pattern is full size for tracing directly onto fabric.

Quilt is 60" x 60" - 153cm x 153cm

Price: AU$40.00
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