Carolyn Konig


Hertfordshire (Code: )

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Quilt size is 88 1/4" x 88 1/4" - 224.5 cm x 224.5 cm


This is one of the most complex examples of a quilt with the frame layout. British quilters created frame quilts using a special fabric, printed panel or a stron pieced or applique motif for the centre, surrounded by pieced and plain borders.

The original frame coverlet is believed to have been made in Yorkshire c. 1795 - 1805. It features fifteen frames or borders.

Kit includes all fabric for the quilt top - 13.2 metres. Pattern is available in Carolyn's new book - Creating Heirlooms, One Stitch at a Time.

Fabrics are similar tonings to the original quilt. A copy of the pattern will be included as free issue.

Price: AU$340.00
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